phenom or phenomizm?

which one do you think will play better

i think the phenomizm will playbetter than the phenom based on what i heard.

Phenom but Im not sure

The Phenom is an all aluminum yoyo so naturally it will play much better than the Phemonizm, with is made of bothe plastic and aluminum.

If your a good yoyoer though, the Phenomizm will play just fine for you.

I like the Phenomizm better personally.

Sorry, but that’s just BS.


material has nothing to do with how a yoyo plays. Many people like the protostar more than metals (i don’t, though) and it is plastic with metal weight rings.

Facepalm to the max.

I thought that they were both metal/plastic hybrids?

Phenom is aluminum with gold plated rims.
Phenomizm is Polycarbonate with gold plated caps.

Correct me if I’m wrong please.

Yeah you’re right :slight_smile:

i will go with phenomizm!

Its cheaper and I think Phenom will only be exclusive for hiroyuki suzuki…

I think…

Phenom’s gonna be released on October 7th I heard? :wink:

yeah but the phenom is already out

no it will be for anyone it is just really expensive

and i think for you to be able to use a yoyo at a contest it has to be relesed to the public
either online or at that contest

will there be some without the gold for cheaper?

im filipino too!!


Ako rin… Pilipino rin ako…

I wish they would release a Phenomizm with a normal bearing instead of the KonKave so it’s cheaper…

It’s almost the same shape as the SFX…

I’ll wait for comparisons in the future so I know which one to buy.

The bearing isnt whats determining the cost, it’s the gold rims thats doing that.

will i really dont think that never heard of that though