Whats the difference?

So I was looking at YYJ and looked at the PHENOM and PHENOMizm. I saw that the PHENOM was however much more expensive and was wondering, is there a difference between the two?

The Phenom is an aluminum yoyo with bronze rings, and the Phenomizm is a plastic yoyo with bronze rings.

I cannot really say anything about the difference in play since I never touched those yoyos.

Guess i should have done more research before i started this thread. Thanks though.

Addition to that. The general release of PHENOMs are 24Kgold plated bronze. PHENOMizms is nickle plated bronze.
However, there’s an economy version of PHENOMs where it’s nickle plated and there’s an expensive PHENOMizm with 24K gold.

I also find the Phenom plays a lot faster, spins longer and is more stable than the Phenomizm, which is also super stable, spins an amazing amount of time and is also a plastic speed machine.

Though I have to say that I own a PHENOMizm 24K and it plays much better than the regular version. No, I don’t think I’m making stuff up. Even Mickey and other pros agree. :open_mouth:

Because of the plastic?
Its higher density I guess.

I’m guessing it’s the gold plated onto the rims that made it denser. But it’s still a nice yoyo regardless :smiley: