Meteor,Phenom,and Phenomizm

Any differences on play,speed,stability,and smoothness?

Not sure about the meteor.

But the Phenom, and the Phenomizm are exactly the same, but the Phenom feels like your throwing a big wrecking ball since its so heavy ( from what I heard )

phenom and phenomizm are TOTTALLY DIFFERENT!!!
Phenomizm is metal but with a polycarbonate plastic coating
Phenom is pure metal with heavy 24 Karat GOLD rings placed in the middle of the yoyo.

I think obiously a metal with heavy 24 karat gold would be morestable as of it is as said a “higly precision yoyo with gold rings placed PRECISLEY in the dead center of the yoyo”
The phenomizm is 50% cheaper but probably the same playability. NOTICE that hiyoyuki suzuki used phenom and not phenomzim at the worlds. it looks like a phenomizm is a remake of phenom.

on the meteor side I would reccomend that. I dont hasve much info on it but it SEEMS ok.
I would get Phenomizm

oh yeah!! do you have to get either these yoyos? yoyofactory and CLYW AND SPYY HAVE MUCH MUCH BETTER YOYOS AT THE SAME PRICE.

I’ve tried yyf but not CLYW AND SPYY
i heard they make AMAZING yoyos

yup they do. I recomend CLYW bassalope, and most spyy yoyo’s. you can try researching the other yoyo’s. have fun! :smiley: