Phenom? Is it worth it?

I am looking at the YYJ Phenom right now. It really appeals to me right now with the bi metal design and weight rings.

Right now my favorite throws are
YYF Superstar
YYF Horizon
Oxygene Io

What do you guys think of it? I know its been around for a while so it must have a rep of some kind.

yes, definitely an awesome yoyo
I wish I could put my hands on an old version

There are two or more versions of the Phenom?
If so, what do you think of the new one that was recently restocked or the few black/pink splash ones?

I am also looking at the Northern Spins Quantum.
If anyone has any opinions or insight.

Basically just a cap design change. When Mickey was in YY and after he left.

There were also the Phenom T and the Phenom Eco that were different enough from the OG Phenom to be mentioned, but they are very hard to find anyway.

The old Phenom weights ~3g more than the new one. The ‘eco’ phenom, if you mean the yellow one with nickel rings, is identical in structure to other old ‘signed’ phenoms.
Some (most notably the new Phenom-using YYJ team member Liu Zhaoyuan) claim there is a difference between the ‘‘first run’’ phenoms that Hiroyuki used in eg 2010WYYC until 2011AP especially the pink and blue ones, and the later runs of this ‘old’ version (everything with non-silver caps or non-gold ring, splash and acid wash, among others). I have played both but not side by side, and can’t tell the difference.

I’ve not thrown a new one, but I used to have 5 older Phenoms that did have a difference of about 3g between the lighter and the heavier. There might have been a difference between runs. But the Royal Blue Phenom was the best :wink:

All production run signature phenoms should weigh ~69g with caps

At 142.50 I’d be buying something else

You could have any of these bimetals for cheaper

The better option though would be this guy if you could spare another $30

I think pushing the higher density material to the edge or the rims takes advantage of it more and provides better stability. The phenom just doesn’t stand up to the others in my opinion. If I were getting a yoyojam I’d get a diamondback.

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Next level: u dont say

3g is a lot. pics or it didnt happen

it didn’t happen

EDIT: my bad, the light one was not a production run

You should look into the BST. I see phenoms in good to mint condition pop up all the time for super cheap, like around $60 - $70.

I am really interested in the Adegle Accel and the KYS Rapid. I dont think I will be able to spend as much on the Berserker SS.
How does the Accel play? The relatively high walls makes me question its horizontal capabilities.
Same goes for the Rapid. Both seem like pretty similar yoyos. What would you recomend?

Both are perfectly capable of horizontal and stable. My personal preference between the 2 would be the Rapid though.

In what way?

after looking at the specs, I think I will go with the Accel.

Is it worth it for horizontal? Yes. Is it worth it for everything else? In my opinion, no. The phenom is not stable, the response is not good, and when I got it it was vibey.