Hmmmmm phenom or code 2

Title says it all

not really.

what do you like in a yoyo?




I like Very unresponsive yoyos
Size… Don’t know
Weight between 63 and67
Shape h - shape but I like the most shapes

so far you like a weight of 63-67g. That’s a start.
By the way the Phenom is 69g.

But i havent tried so many heavy throws yet

Phenom can now be had in models down to 65g, so it goes from light to heavy. Most of the new ones are 65-66g now.

I have both and I’d pick the code 2. I don’t think the Phenom is worth another 30-50 dollars. In fact, I don’t know if it’s worth any more at all even though I do like it. Second reason, I pretty much hate all metals with plastics caps. They make a weird, hollow noise when you’re playing. You can remove them, which I have done, but that comes at the cost of bumping the throw down to probably closer to 60g weight. That’s very, very light and you need to prefer light yoyos.

Instead, the Code 2 is just good and much cheaper right out of the gate. You can even change the side effects to change the yoyo’s play later on if you come to prefer one or the other.

did you listen to his preferences? Phenom doesn’t fit them, please pay attention.

Code 2 fits your preferences very well, and it has side effects, which are cool. i also Don’t suggest buying a YYJ quality metal, they tend to be vibey, and the ano on them can come off very easily.

You probably are already leaning towards one of the two. I’ll push you towards the code 2, plays great and comes in some sweet colors.

I have both. I prefer the Phenom better. Mine was bought November of 2011 and comes at around 70 grams. Massive catch zone, spins like forever, very stable.

However, I’m not gonna deny is sounds like spinning tin can at times.

Then again, the Code 2 is no slacker either. I have 2. One stock and one with disc side effects. I like the heavier one with the disc side effects better. Stable, grindable, affordable and feels good in the hand. The rims aren’t sharp so they won’t hurt coming back.

It’s down to preferences. I want a blue and a blue acid wash Phenoms to go with my nickel/gold one. I’m fine with 2 Code 2’s though.

These play completely different, so that should be taken into consideration as well. The Phenom is a speed demon, where-as the Code 2 can play great at any speed.

Okay, thinking of code 2