What yoyo should i get?

I think i’m ready for a better yoyo. I currently have a PHENOMizm and was thinking of getting the PHENOM. Would that be a good choice and how much better is it than the phenomizm because both are listed under intermediate section in the shop here or are there some better choices.

Depends on your preference. Size, weight, etc. But imo anything from Onedrop or CLYW is win.

The Phenom is quite similar to the Phenomizm in terms of shape and performance. Maybe branch out a bit and try something a little different. In that price range, I’d take a Werrd Irony JP or your pick of CLYW.


avant garde, genesis(+ or doomsday) dietz, code1, capless,and the best is artic circle

Why doesnt everyone own a code 2?
For the love of Pedro Flores get a code 2!!!

so the irony jp, code 2, and arctic cirlce are good choices? of those which do you prefer?

They each have their pros and cons. Irony JP is my favourite because it’s essentially a Japanese throw for a little over half the price and it’s also made of the more durable 7075 aluminium. The CODE 2 has the flexibility of side effects which allow you to change the feel of the yoyo depending on your preference and mood. Last but not least, the Arctic Circle is a fun beefier throw. Very floaty.

All great throws in their own right and there’s really no bad choice here. Just depends on your preferences and what you’re looking for.


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what are side effects?

I threw a code 2 and I own an arctic circle. And the arctic circle is the best thing I’ve ever played.

a interchangeable axle system that changes the aesthetic of some one drop machined yoyos by altering the center weight,and whole weight.

I have the Phenomizm and I don’t like it at all and I’ve heard the phenom is much better. If you want to spend that kind of money though, I’d get a good clyw yoyo

what are the qualities of a japanese yoyo?

what brand if your talking about yyr and sOMEThING try the irony jp or gba ,they play close to them for a good price and the jp is 7075 aluminum so it will not ding easy i love it.

or a firmy its only 70 and it plays goodfor the 10 minutes i usedit at va states

Code two, chief, cascade, or arctic circle.

i mean someone said the irony jp is like a japanese yoyo and i don’t know what is special about them

Generally speaking, they’re higher quality, buttery smooth and stable but still very zippy. Also held to impossibly high quality control standards which is why they occupy the $200-ish price range.


I’m not sure which to get. I was thinking of the Arctic Circle or the Irony JP. Can someone list pros and cons of each? Also, how are yoyojoker’s yoyos?

the phenomize and phenom throw very similar…i have both and my first thought was damn theyre fast!!. to be honest, I do think the phenom is overpriced
If youre looking for a throw that is INCREDIBLE for the price…I promise you that you cant go wrong with a c3yo capless. Its probably the smoothest throw I have, its amazing. Also the genesis and superstar are always a good choice:)