I get to choose one yoyo... so many choices

So right now I’m in a hotel in ohio for the national rifle championship. My dad says if I shoot a certain score he’ll buy me a new yoyo :slight_smile:
I dont want to get a 400$ yoyo cause that would be abusing my fathers kindness. but which yoyo should I get? I don’t really have a preference (i love all yoyos haha) but these are the ones im most intersted in:

  1. yoyojam phenom (my favorite so far, 24 carat gold and kk bearing is attractive features)
  2. CLYW avalance
  3. YYF rockstar
  4. CLYW wooly marmot or gnarwal
  5. Hspin phenix
  6. Onedrop code 1 or 54
  7. STYY remnant 2
  8. SPYY ronin
  9. SPYY radian or pro.
  10. Anything ILYY or yoyocreation

what do you think of these yoyos? Do you have any other suggestions? I prefer not to have hubstacks. Thanks

all those yoyos play amazing and i cant say one plays better over another, its all up to your preferances…

the only throws you listed that I’ve had the pleasure of using were the spyy radian 2 and a code 1. and I can honestly say they’re both amazing.
But if it were me, I’d totally go with a phenom. Loved the phenomizm, so an all metal version must be good.
It’s all up to your personal preference though. can’t go wrong with anything you listed

I’ve only tried the SPYY Pro, but i love it! The gap is wide and its pretty awesome, but there bearing died not even a year after i got it! But i love it so :-*, so if you want a yoyo with a wide gap and a good bearing get the Pro, but i personally would get the PHENOMizm or gnarwhal they seem pretty nice from what i’ve heard. Hope I’ve helped!

update: for day 1 i shot above the score i need for my dad to get me a yoyo :slight_smile:

and why do you recommend the phenomizm over the phenom? thanks for the advice guys

We don’t. The phenomizm plays extremely well for its price, and the phenom plays better. The phenom doesnt play twice as well though, for being twice the price

I think yoyoscientist meant phenom

go with one of you top four the only ones i haven’t tried is the gnarwhal and avalanche. My favorite is the phenom smoothest yoyo you’ll ever throw, and super fast.

Anything caribou lodge. The avalanche is awesome and same with the gnarwhale. I just ordered a genesis which Is awesome. The super star is good to.