I have $160. Need recommendations. Dont need to spend it all, ofcourse.DONE!

Hey guys, My mom is willing to buy me a yoyo worth 160. What would be a good yoyo for around that price range or less? I like undersized and oversized, but i dont really like in the middle. I also like really wide throws. I was looking at the monster, and i might just end up buying one today, but what would be a good choice? THIS IS DONE!

I would hold out a little whole for the arctic circle

pretty much anything SPYY or OD :smiley:
My personal favorites are the SPYY Ronin, and the OD Code 1

the Ronin can be a bit demanding tho, so if you go for it, make sure you can handle a little instability, but its dead smooth on the string, spins forever, and just plain looks good… (if you can play an 888 or some other undersized yoyos, you should be fine with the Ronin)

Code 1 is good and stable, Spins a good long time, has the feature of side effects, But they arent necessary imo… looks good (especially in black ^.^)

hope this helps ya a bit ^.^

Under sized 888 or Marc mont next are good lager od code 2 is a beast ;D

Wide? Master Galaxy. People say it’s the smoothest yoyo ever.


You should probably take a look at a Phenom. I’ve heard that they are definetly worth the money.


Sorry, I meant to say Phenomizm

So what did you get?