In your opinion, whats the best All metal Yoyojam yoyo?


I love my Trinity. It plays heavy, but I like to know there is something at the end of the string ;).

I only have an Axiom, but that plays very well!

I’m not going to help.

First, I think the Phenom is the best, or at least, the best for me.

Still, I go back and forth between that, the Next Level, H3X and Titan3 and am having a great time with all of those as well. I have other YYJ metals planned for purchase, including the Diamondback, which I’ve also played and enjoyed. The Synthesis is really nice too, but I feel other stuff plays better.

As much as I enjoy the Phenom(and I have 2 and want 2 more in different colors), the rims are kind of sharp, so after longer play sessions, it can sort of hurt your hands on the returns. The yoyo has a hollow feel due to the caps, but if you pop the caps off, it helps that a bit. It sounds like a spinning tin can at times, so noise can be an issue. It’s not that great for grinds, but it is fast, solid and stable and a beast at horizontal. Finger spins kinda suck on the cap and don’t work without the cap due to the wide spike. Not sure about IRG’s.

I think the Next Level is one of the better choices. The Hex is great too but a vastly different shape.

Diamondback…It’s so good!

I really enjoy the Titan 3, and if the PHENOM is anything like the PHENOMizm, then I’d totally enjoy that one as well.

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Sounds like they are all good ;).

Phenom adn please actually put something in the body besides thanks

Well the title was pretty self explanatory…

I would say phenom,but it’s a little too light.

Good form mandates that the topic be re-stated in the body of the message. Not my rules, just stuff that’s been in place since 1976 or earlier. Then again, nobody cares about good form anymore apparently.

Back to the yoyos:

The Phenom comes in various weights. It feels lighter than it is.

I have the nickel/gold one, which is 69.4 grams.
The black/nickel one weighs in at 65.5 grams.

There’s at least one other weight, maybe 2.

Each different YYJ brings a completely different personality in play to the game. I’m fortunate that so many various YYJ yoyos have been very compatible with me, from full plastics, plastic/metals and full metals. It’s a brand I’ve enjoyed success with from the perspective as a player and as a collector. No point in collecting if playing isn’t in there as well.

Dat diamondback tho…

dang boi