Is Phenom a good yoyo? VOTE guys!


Well…Vote if you played and like or dislike phenom for a high-end yo-yo.(Sleep time, shape,easy to do string tricks etc.)



pretty much all yoyos on this site are good. they wouldnt sell them if they werent >.>


Its great but I like Phenomizm better because it is more angular. But PREFERANCE.


I have a Phenomism bootleg, I love it. I’m going to buy the Phenomism either later this month or January. I also have a Speeder 2.

Last week, I received a Phenom. The nickel plated version. I absolutely love it. While the weight in the specs states it is on the heavy side, but in my hand, it feels like it weigh nothing. It ships with a Dif-E-O concave. Now similarly, my Northstar has a centertrack, weighs almost the same, but that yoyo feels heavy.

Some things I noticed immediately:
This thing LOVES to spin and spin and SPIN and keep on spinning.
It’s scary stable to me. I mean, it just stays there.
Did I say it was light on the string? I was throwing the heck out of this for a half an hour and it was like it wasn’t even there. My favorite yoyo, a DM2, doesn’t even give me that! Oh, don’t get me wrong, I love my DM2(don’t try taking it from me, I’ll gnaw your arm off), but I’m serious when it was like nothing was there.
Regarding if its floaty or speedy? Well, it seems to whip through the air for the most part.
The steep angle makes it “all catch area”, making it easy to do string tricks. While I’m no pro and I’m just a struggling noob, my go-to throw is that DM2. I just started working on newer stuff, which I NEVER do(well, not anymore) with the Phenom. I gotta say, I worked out my issues with Drop In The Bucket with this yoyo due to the massive amounts of spin and gigantic catch zone, and then when it lands it, the string is dead in the center, which keeps that insane amount of spin going.

I really like this. It’s up there with the best IF it matches your preferences. My first Hiroyuki Suzuki signature model was a Speeder 2. What drew me to it was the clean lines and overall simplicity. I was a bit hesitant spending that kind of money on the Phenom and when the bootleg Phenomism dropped under $10 with included international shipping, I couldn’t turn that deal down and that is a great player. If I hadn’t bought that bootleg, I would not have purchase the Phenom. Looking forward, it will drive a purchase of the Phenomizm.

I agree with the assessment that YYE only carries quality yoyos. If it’s here, it’s good. But good is one thing, good for you is something that can be entirely different. What are you throwing now, and what do you like or dislike about anything you have now?

So, I’m gonna say “like”.


I heard something about YYJ axles…Someone says it’s very thin and breaks down easily(axle) And it causes trembling. I heard only…


The Phenom blew my mind the first time I played it and it continues to impress everytime I pick mine up. Fast, floats through the air, smoothest thing I’ve ever played. It’s like the Rolls Royce of yoyos. My only complaint is that the anodizing seems to chip/wear off easily compared to every other yoyo I have. I honestly have never hit a wall or floor with my Phenom, only play it on carpet, and there are chunks out of the pink ano that were not formerly present. Even inside the catch zone, on the inner pink ring near the gap, like the poly string took off pink. It’s weird…but otherwise one of my favorite throws ever.


I think since this is an all-metal yoyo, it may not have that issue.


Thanks for comments and need more vote! And how many seconds does a phenom spins when you throw?(average)


how hard do you throw.


Haha! I said average. Eg: 1.30 min~2.30 min.Eg 2:Higher than 1.50 min~.


I believe they come thick lubed, this adds to the initial smoothness but for mine it also cut down on how long it initially slept. After breaking it in it sleeps forever. Just as long as anything else you can throw, depending on your throw.

YoYoJam Phenom
Nickel Plated/24k Gold Plated Weight Rings Edition.
The absolute Smoothest Throw I now own. I couldnt put it down, Im an Avalanche addict, and i have actually thrown it more than my Ava’s since I got it :smiley: Beautiful YoYo, and IMO YoYoJams Best Effort! (Ive thrown alotta YYJ as I work for a shop that is a YYJ Authorized Dealer)
Amazingly Smooth on a throw, and fast as hell!