What do you all like about it?Do you not like it at all?Or have you owned a Phenomizm,I own one and it plays better than my old dark magic 2.So what are your comments please I want to know…

I’ve played a very similar shaped/weighted yoyo in which I like the catch zone on it and the stability this one has. I’m kind of wishing I tested out the Phenomizm rather than just picking up the box and looking at it this past weekend. I will say that it is a bit easy to get a bad and/or tilted throw due to the profile but once you get used to it, you’ll get clean, smooth throws. I’d be curious to try out the Phenom and see how that feels, smoothness-wise

I also like my Dark Magic 2 as it’s a little more comfy to hold and easier to hand start. My DM actually runs smoother/no vibe giving the yoyo a nice, gliding feeling.

I love it, but there is just one problem: its responsive even with a konkave bearing. It is a very smooth and insanely fun yoyo, but it being responsive makes it harder to do certain tricks. I would rather buy a yyj inspire with a konkave. They spin forever and feel better than any yoyo ive ever had…until mine got stolen from me. They are also great for thumb grinds. The phenomizm is great, but an inspire tops it. And the rims on the phenomizm’s rims pop out a bit.

Inspire is far more expensive.
And none of the izms I’ve played with are responsive so… Something must be wrong with yours or there is a lack of proper maintenance going on.

Phenomizm isn’t a bad yoyo. It’s fast, solid, and can deal with almost every style of trick.

But it is on the premium end of plastic/hybrid material yoyos and may be better just getting a metal instead.

I’ve never had any problems with my Phenomizm. Dead unresponsive with the KK stock, or any bearing I choose to shove in there.

I also fail to see how the rims on the Phenomism would pop off. The yoyo features a mid-rim weight ring, which COULD pop out on a hard hit.

I’d rather play a Phenom. I can. I do. It just seems the Phenomizm was a necessary step in the evolution of the Speed Maker to the Phenom.

Woah, you skipped the Meteor and the Speeder.

The inspire is cheaper than the Phenomizm.

Thanks for reminding me. Been doing 20+ hour days preparing for a film festival with film makers waiting until the last second to get their HD versions over.

These were my initial thoughts:

I’ve since traded mine off, the gap is too wide for me, and I’m still not sure I get the reasoning behind mid-weight technology… (I’ve also just traded off an Xcon Pro in favour of an original Hitman. I honestly prefer the way the HM plays).

I was looking elsewhere, bad reference. W
Strange that I don’t remember the izm ever being over 60.

I paid $66 in late 2011 for this yoyo. It’s since gone up to $71.40. I know many of YYJ’s models increased in price, especially the metal/plastic yoyos.

I’ll just say that there’s a tiny, but still worth mentioning, difference in the play between the regular PHENOMizm and the 24K gold plated-rimmed PHENOMizm [in which I have]. I like the 24K version more 'cause it feels more solid. Very smooth yoyo too.

Unfortunately I can’t do horizontals so I can’t say anything about that.

I don’t use it as much anymore 'cause I want to keep that yoyo as clean as possible as it’s one of the very last Mickey-branded YYJs, but it still remains one of my favorite yoyos in my collection.

I personally didn’t like the phenomizm IMO it was too light for technical tricks it would spin if i wasn’t going fast with it but its a beast a horizontal its a fun throw just not for me , hey who am to say? If you like it get it

That’s more of a player problem than a yoyo problem.