Truth about the Phenomizm

YYJ PHENOMizm Stats:
Diameter: 56.10 mm / 2.20 inches
Width: 39.05 mm / 1.53 inches
Gap Width: 4.48 mm / .18 inches
Weight: 67.7 grams
Response: YoYoJam Silicone O-Ring switched out to a K Pad response
Bearing Size: Dif-E-Yo KonKave Bearing
Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)

Frequently asked questions?

  1. How does it play? Well it plays really fast, and it does well at the horizontal play. And it that’s about it… It’s not floaty at all and one can’t finger grind, nor thumb grinds due to there being not lip what so ever. Also you can’t take the caps off and play, well you can but it’s not very effective. The yoyo really suck with out the caps. The caps act as weights for the yoyo believe it or not. The yoyo tilts very easy due to wall gap. I mean it tilts super easy. That is one reason it comes with a KK bearing is to help with the tilt. I tested this theory out by putting a ten ball in the yoyo and it tilts like a mug… The bearing should not make the yoyo for the price of $71.40. A yoyo of this expense should be bawling with any bearing. So with out a KK or a center trac this yoyo is not very effective.

  2. How does it feel? Well it feels like every wing shaped yoyo in my opinion. Not very forgiving in my opinion either. Due to it being a hybrid yoyo (meaning it is made of plastic and metal) you always take a risk of having vibe and a wee bit wobble due to trying to seat plastic against metal. A lot of the time you can’t get it like a machined metal, because the yoyo being a whole piece vs slapping metal and plastic together. My Phenomizm actually came with a wobble on one of the halfs, but like I said that a risk you take.

  3. Would you recommend this yoyo? Well I actually would not recommend this yoyo at all. Especially for that huge price TAG! $71.40! WHAT IS YOYO JAM THINKING! I actually got this yoyo when it firth came out and I paid $65 for it and I think $65 is way to much. I understand it comes with a KK bearing and that’s actually the best thing out the yoyo is the bearing in my opinion. But still way to much money! There are some awesome metals for less money than this yoyo. Is much as I don’t like YYF yoyos they have much better all metal yoyos less than $71.40 and all of the YYF come with center trac bearings. So the price can most definitely be dropped on this yoyo and it should

  4. YYJ yoyos in general? I have always been a huge fan of YYJ. The dark magic was my first yoyo about 8ish years ago. They were great yoyos back then. Most of them were top of the line so to speak. However the hybrid yoyo days are slowly passing away. With companies making great quality yoyos at the price of a hybrids. There is almost no reason to acquire them unless you want some special edition or are a true beginner that wants in the scene of yoyo. How ever the newer YYJ yoyo the revival by Grans Johnson. That is the way to go if you want a hybrid. That yoyo has more metal than any other hybrid I have ever seen in my life! and the price is almost $30 less than the Phnomizm!!! That is the way to go right there!!!

More questions? Just ask

Really? No comments? :frowning: must have been bad

Hehe, no, the review was fine. The lack of comments is probably down to the fact that it’s an older yoyo. The regular readers of the forum don’t care all that much about it at the moment; some lurkers who are interested in it might benefit from your insight, but lurkers don’t tend to comment!

After I read it yesterday, I just didn’t think adding my, “Thanks for the review. Guess I know not to buy one of these!” would be genuine since I have no plans on buying one at all.

My experience with this yoyo was actually quite splendid. I found it to be extremely stable, and to be a blast to play because it was so fast. Actually I believe that Alexis JV used the Phenomizm to win East Canada Regionals.

Alexis JV used the Phenom.

Phenomizm is the plastic version.

The Izm is one of my all time favourite yoyos, I prefer it to the Phenom. Unfortunately for you, though, solid color Izms tends to play quite differently from translucent Izms (I’ve never liked any of the solid color Izms I’ve owned) However, I got a 2011 24k Izm, and it was a blast, I wish I could get another one.

The derp about OG signature izms is the 0.9mm response groove. Most commercially available 19mm slim pads now come in ~1.1mm so the yoyo becomes so snaggy that I dont even want to waste my time breaking it in.
Its stability per se isnt bad at all, just that the narrow and curved profile makes it more likely to spin out at the same angle of tilt than for example a modern inverse round or H shape.

Talking from personal experience, never take a lack of comments personally. Any detailed review such as this is a welcome addition to the forums. The more opinions about a particular yoyo the better, it helps people make an informed purchase or trade. Keep up the good work.