PHENOMizm vs Speeder 2

im not sure which i should get. the PHENOMizm has bronze nickel plated rings but they’re in the middle of the yoyo, so it has lower resistance to change in speed and motion. in other words it will gain speed faster than if it were at the rims and you can whip it around easier, this also means that it loses speed easier. the speeder 2 has bronze rings on the outer edges of the yoyo. this would mean that its harder to gain speed in the beginning but its harder to slow down and you can’t whip it around as easily.

and i know its all preference but which one do you think plays better?

i got a phenomizm and its epic. i like the feel and the shape and the look of the yoyo. it can play fast and its very smooth. the only thing is since its plastic it doesnt grind well. i like it more than my dark magic and yuuksta except for the fact it doesnt grind. The phenomizm also comes with a konkave bearing which are pretty cool.
one thing i do like about the plastic on the phenomizm is that it covers dings and scratches better than metal does. ive knocked my phenomizm against a few things but it doesnt show any marks.
idk about the speeder 2, but its cheaper and looks fun

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thank you, i might get the PHENOMizm mainly because it hides scratches and dings. But ill wait a little longer to hear what others say before i make my choice.

All I can say is…

GET THE PHENOMizm :smiley:

and yes it does hide dings very well.

the PHENOMizm is much wider and they have about the same diameter.

well thats 3 for the PHENOMizm, guess ill go with that thanks guys! ;D

I have them both. The reasons people are giving you are ridiculous. Both have bronze rings - but the placement has little to do with the play of the yoyo. Whether the rings are on the putside or halfway up the rim is a matter of design.

The Phenomizm has rings half-way up the inner wall because it has very little rim weight. The midway rings take the place of rim-weight. That makes the rims (plastic) very thin on the outside edge vs. the Speeder 2 which [places its weight on the outside with very thick bronze rings.

In my humble opinion - both play incredibly well. Both have great spin-times and both are very nimble on the string. They both are comparable to any metal that I own in performance and spin-time. The BIG and I mean BIG difference is the comfort of each. The Phenomizm and the Phenom have razor edged rims. That means that on binds - those edges will speed into your hand like a knife. Not a problem until the 50’th bind, or so. The trade-off is that the Phenomizm is as zippy and precise as they get; while still being made of plastic.

So, if you want an awesome comfortable, high performance yoyo for $45 - get the Speeder. If you want a not so comfortable, awesome, high performance yoyo for $65 - get the Phenomizm.

I think the $20 difference makes this one a no-brainer. Now the trick is finding one…

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IMHO the rims on the PHENOMizm do not hurt that bad on binds.

Just my 0.02

I have a Phenom and i like it alot but it doesnt handel movement aroud the body well and can loose its speed if your not really precise. I would really like to try a speeder but im not sure how it would handel but i do tink that it would have more spin for longer combos. i would assume that the Phenom and the Phenomizm are very similar in play but every review ive read sais that the phenom is better than its plastic brother but i would go for the speeder probably because i havent tried one.

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i have changed my mind! i think ill go with the speeder 2 now. after reading YoyoGeezers post i was wasn’t sure what i wanted and he/she does make a point it is $20 cheeper.and after reading Slade Riggs post saying the phenomizm slow (which makes sense according to physics). so i guess ill get the speeder 2, unless some one else has something to say (which will be appreciated).

thank you ;D

The Phenom and the Pnenomizm play very much alike. The big difference is the precision and smoothness of the Phenom. It is perfectly constructed and balanced to the point of being almost luxurious.

Everyone who has thrown my Phenom has the same reaction: Wow!

I would love to see a metal version of the Speeder 2.

I agree that it is not a problem in and of itself. I find the most pain from those unanticipated knuckle-binds :slight_smile:

I do not want to dissuade anyone from this yoyo. I LOVE playing with my Phenom. Nothing plays quite like it.

My point is that after an hour of play with the Phenom/Phenomizm - you start to get tired of the edges of the yoyo. Sort of like the difference between a a Porsche and a BMW. Both are great. The Porsche will win every race. But for everyday comfort, the BMW is better.

Too bad hiroyuki suzuki quit YYJ so no metal version of the speeder but maybe a another version of the speeder from Hiroyuki Suzuki’s new yoyo company, something

No speeder. It doesn’t compare to the phenomizm. It’s super fast

I’ve got the Speeder2, Phenom, Phenomizm and Chaser. They all play very different. All are variants of faster type play.

Simply put, the Speeder 2 and Phenomizm aren’t an apples to apples comparison. They are plastic/metal yoyos, but that’s about where it ends. The Phenomizm with the KK plays MUCH faster and spins a lot longer than the Speeder 2. The Speeder 2 with the YYJ Speed bearing is a fast yoyo as well, but it’s not as forgiving when you’re not as dead on because of the curved sides. I’m contemplating upgrading the bearing to a KK(rather than a Terrapin X unless he makes a KK equivalent), and likewise, putting the same bearing in my Chaser as well.

What’s interesting about the Phenom and Phenomizm with the KKis that I feel the line goes all the way to the dead center of the bearing. Very well balanced. These yoyos really drive the string to the very center, then the bearing ensures it stays there. The Speeder and Chaser are like “intro to warp speed play” yoyos. The Chaser also seems to be meant to compete with the Protostar/Northstar yoyos.

I found myself today leaving my burnside and expensive metal throws in the case and instead Played with the phenomizm.