which is better: the phenomizm or the speeder 2?


which yoyo is better: the phenomizm or the speeder 2?

(DOGS) #2

Neither is better. I can say, though, that since the Speeder and Phenomizm are both signature yoyos for Hiroyuki Suzuki, that they should play with a similar feel and style. The style being very, very fast and very, very light.


The Phenomizm surprised me. I found it heavier and more solid than I expected, at least compared to the original speeder. I guess styles can evolve a little.

Neither is better.


really choose based on what looks better to you.
do you like metal rims?
or metal rings in the center like the phenomizm?


It’s preference I guess…

Speeder= Magical floaty being
Phenomizm= Solid Beast
Both= Fast+Bad AZZ


Phenomizm only cuz i have one :slight_smile: