Yoyojam Phenomizm vs Yoyofactory Genesis


Hi, I was wondering which was better, a phenomizm or genesis. The phenomizm is designed by hiroyuki suzuki (that’s a thumbs up alone! ;D) and the rims are plastic so I don’t have to worry about dings. Hiroyuki suzuki used it for one of his performances, his best IMO. The Genesis on the other hand is pretty sick. It has a real nice anodizing that is great for grinds. It is all metal too, but then I would have to worry about dings. I don’t know? What do you guys think?
I am looking for a yoyo that would play fast but not too fast, good for horizontal, and really long spin time (like 6-8 minutes on a straight throw). Which one has the most of these qualities?
Let me know in the post below!
Thanks for viewing!

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the phenomism from what i have felt when i played with it isnt very stable… i would say yyf genesis way better the the phenomism imo


I haven’t played Phenomizm, but Genesis is awesome.


Genesis over phenomizm for sure


I think a better comparison would be between the Genesis and the Equilateral.
Both metal (dings a concern)
roughly the same price (expect for special colors etc.)

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tbh the phenom series is kinda evolutionary dead end