werrd hour vs. yoyojam phenomizm

ok, i have like, 70 bucks and my friend said they were both really good. so hour or phenomizm?

Please do yourself a favor and get the hour, the phenomizm is really just a cheap yoyo with mickey’s name on it, for heavens sake the hour is $10 cheaper, just my opinion.

The Phenomizm is amazing. Just wondering, have you even played either Modman?

I have played the hour and my brother has played the phenomizm.

Close enough.

The phenomizm is no slouch. Plays better than a lot of budget metals I’ve tried. But between the two, I’d go with the hour.

Hour is 7075 metal, a little tight in the width, compared to the diameter. I have one, and it is easily in my top 12 case. The thing feels like it spins forever. Plus it will give you a taste of another company that is smaller

I’ve never played the hour. So I don’t have an opinion on it.

The Phenomizm is V shaped so it is easier to play fast with it. It’s very solid and plays quite smooth.
The sharp rims take a little bit of time to get used to. And it is plastic rimmed so I like to bring it as a carry around throw so I won’t worry too much about dings/scratches. It plays a bit heavy unless you take off the caps, but even with the caps it can be pushed to a fast pace. The phenomizm is pretty much ungrindable, even thumb grinds with the caps off.

I have and love both, Get the hour if you want a heavier, more deliberate yoyo, get the Phenomizm if you want a faster, lighter yoyo.

love the phenomizm for its speed and agility. Ive never really like the hour because i find it too narrow for its size and too heavy IMO. I would go with the phenomizm

I have a supernova, 2 yoyofficer aura, 1 Phenom, 1 888x, and have much more yoyos and have tried many yoyos and the phenomizm is my favorite yoyo. It plays horizontal amazing and is so fast. The weight is perfect. But without caps i dont like the play feel.

I never really thought the hour was that narrow. It’s only a little under average width and only a little above average diameter. Although my first metal was a g5, and one of my favourites is a jirorian, so I guess width/diameter ratio doesn’t really matter that much to me.

Made me laugh kinda loud :slight_smile:

It’s quite light weighing in at 66g!