I want to get either a PHENOM or PHENOMizm as my next throw, but I can’t decide which would be better for me. I didn’t see a PHENOM at AZ the last time I was there, but I did see a PHENOMizm, so I can really only try out one of them. What are the differences in terms of sleep time, balance, etc? Any and all help making this decision is greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

phenom and phenomizm are the most balanced yoyos i know of, so you can’t go wrong with any of them.
what i can say is if you can afford the phenom, go for it, if you can’t, the phenomizm won’t disappoint.

From what I see, the PHENOMizm is a cheaper and more affordable version of the PHENOM. If it fits your budget, I would recommend that you get the PHENOM, as all-metal yoyos generally have less vibe and are more durable than those with plastic in them. If you have a limited budget, then I think you should go with the PHENOMizm. It also plays quite well, as both yoyos generally have the same design.

Phenom plays and feels heavier to me. I love the both though and own each one!

I also own both. Phenom is just amazing. Its my go to thro for the last 2 weeks since I got it. But the Phenomizm is my pocket throw.

If you play 1 without having the other to compare it to right away. The IZM feels heavier to me. Slight Vibe but nothing that would be a concern.

But if you switch to the Phenom right after the IZM. You instantly feel just how smooth aand better play it has. I played the IZm for a week without realy playing the Phenom simply becaue I wasn’t home to play it. But as soon as I grabbed the phenom it was night and day on the feel of it.

I wanted it since it released but the pricetag steered me away as I was just a YYJ. But after biting the bullet and getting it the only thing I regret was judging YYJ and waiting.

So I think what I’m gonna do is this: if I’m buying it myself, I’ll get the PHENOMizm. If my parents are buying it for me as a graduation present, I’ll get the PHENOM.

Well the Phenomizm is a cheaper version of the Phenom. Phenomzim is a bi-metal but both have great balance, spin, smoothness etc.

Phenom is 2 times as expensive as the Phenomizm but I don’t think it plays 2 times better. Phenomizm even if you are willing to pay for Phenom. Phenom is also pretty heaving with those gold rings on.