Cost: Phenom vs Phenomizm?

Is it worth it to spend the extra $61.50 on the Phenom or should I just get the Phenomizm?

I briefly played with the Phenomizm and it was awesome, gold doesn’t belong on yoyos.

-izm is Beast mode all the way. Get one. Better than Phenom in my opinion.

Phenomizm. The Phenom is twice as expensive but definitely not twice as good.

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They are great yoyo’s. Both of them. It you want all metal get the phenom. If you don’t mind some plastic then get the ism.

i personally prefer the phenom, i like a good metal feel, and the extra bling makes it kinda nice.

Thanks, I thought this yoyo had a really great design because of the physics behind it. I’ll most likely get the Phenomizm plus I’d probably be to scared to damage the phenom.thanks for clearing this up for me.