PHENOM and PHENOMIZM really worth it

are the phenom and phenomizm really worth it? Is it smooth just like the dv888 and does have good balance. Can it match and compete with the superstar and is it really worth it?

I own both.

To answer all questions in one word: Yes.

Both are very smooth and balanced. The Phenom is in a class by itself and can play with any yoyo on the market that I am aware of. Amazing manufacturing and finish. The price is high because of the fact that the Phenom is machined from joined materials for a superior fit and precision.

If you have the $$$ - get the Phenom. OTW - the Phenomizm plays almost as well for half the price.

I splurged on myself and got a Phenom a couple months ago. It is AWESOME!!! Super-smooth and ridiculously stable. Easily the most stable yoyo in my collection. The Phenom is also one of the coolest looking yoyos – supper classy.

If you don’t feel like spending $130 on a Phenom, I’ve heard a Phenomizm is almost as good.

I also own a Phenom and i gotta say, that yoyo is probably one of the best on the market. Smoothest yoyo out of my collection and it just looks amazing.

If you have the money, go for the Phenom.

what about the phenomizm have u guys actually tried that (and im saving money so very slowly 5 bucks a week :frowning: ) and is it good compared to the phenom and is it better then the dv888

the phenomizm is vvvveeeerrrryyy stable and balanced and it play amazing horizontally and spins for ever on a good throw and is very forgiving on bad ones. if you don’t have the money, get the phenomizm.