The Genesis Vs. Phenomizm?

I know they are both good yoyos but which one is better in the overall performance?

I would say the Genesis outperforms the Phenomizm in every regard except for maybe speed. Although the Phenomizm is a little smaller, if that’s your thing.

Preference. out of all my yoyos, my one friend chooses to use my Phenomizm over everything else i have. IMO though, the Genesis Blows the doors off of Phenomizm. If i were you, i would go with the Genesis. It’s smoother, a better grinder, and IMO the better throw.

One of them is better for you, the other one isn’t. IDK which one, you have to find out yourself.

you want slow,large and stable genesis, you want small and fast phenonizm

the phenomizm is better everybody at my club thinks so it is also my favorite yoyo (i have two :D)
also its cheaper and comes with a kk stock. so if you are deciding between then i would go with phenomizm.