phenomizm vs genesis

well thats the dilema i want a stable long sleeping yoyo can do horizontal and pull of long slack combos and suicides

Yeah, what’s the dilemma?

Just buy sOMEtHING and be done with it. Just kidding. Both your choices are good.

Long sleeping is a function of good throw and technique. Both your choices are fine in that department. I know the Phenomizm has a bit of an advantage for horizontal based on it’s shape. As far as the rest, it’s up to your preferences. Both can do horizontal if you want to or can do horizontal play.

I have nothing against YYF, but the Genesis isn’t a model I’m interested in. I do have the Phenomizm and Phenom. It comes down to what you want to spend and do you want plastic/metal or metal. Both are great yoyos and sell very well. Either way you go, you’re going to get a quality product.

to my experience, the genesis can perform better at horizontal than the phenomizm.
due to the weight placement I guess.

but the phenomizm isn’t bad at all, and actually faster.