(Owen) #1

Hey y’all

How’s it play? I’m pretty much drooling over it right now.

I’ve been getting into horizontal and I was wondering how it is for that type of play.

And I you know of any other yoyos that are good for horizontal then any input would be appreciated.



Can’t tell you much about the Phenom but I can tell you that any of the V-shaped C3 throws (which is most C3 throws, really) are pretty much designed for horizontal. The Dark Sonic is great for that sort of thing and considerably cheaper than the Phenom.



The Phenom is one of my favorites. I just got a second. Planning 2 more. I had only a gold with nickel rings, now I also have a black with nickel rings. Need to get a blue and acid washed blue ones.

Anyhow, how does it play? Smooth, stable, fast, wants to spin forever, but sounds like a hollow tin can. It feels a bit “hollow” as well at times, but overall it feels good. The rims are kinda sharp-ish so it can hurt after a while. Despite the weight, it’s fast. The V-shape cuts through the air like a knife.

The yoyo is designed to be stable on whatever axis is it throw provided the throw is clean. It handles horizontal easily.

Any yoyo using a V-type shape is good for horizontal play.

As I said, I love the Phenom.


It feels quite light, and EXTREMELY fast. As for a cheaper alternative, the PHENOMizm is basically a bi-metal version of the PHENOM, but is half the price.