Design wise, what makes a yoyo good for "horizontal" play?

It’s obvious that some yoyos are better than others when it comes to horizontal and plane change into horizontal play. I wanted to ask what are the attributes that create a yoyo that performs better for horizontal?

Something that I have often wondered about but never could pinpoint exactly.


Well I have an example: the yoyofactory MVP. I think it’s because of the massive rim weight and the “V” shape that makes it glide during horizontal and normal play.

The trend seems to be toward very sharp, V profiles (eg. Phenom). My guess is that it is harder to play cleanly horizontally, so a sharp V-shape gives you the stability of extreme rim-weight along with the flexibility of not having to get perfect hits.

My horizontal sucks, so I’m just guessing here.

Low/no walls, mainly. That is, assuming you have a generally aggressive shape and lots of rimweight.

Yeah, none organic shape is my preferred preference for horizontal play with extream rim weight. MVP is the one to use for horizontal imo.

I think the V-shape plays a pretty big factor. I also think rim weight is pretty big. Maybe a faster yoyo might also help because you really have to keep it moving when you’re playing horizontally and a fast yoyo can do that.

Just a guess though.

I think angular, and light. A key to horizontal is good speed, but you also have to make sure it is stable… So I’m thinking a real light design, but nearly all of the weight is in the rims.

V shape, with a bump right above the response. (like c3 does)

large catch zone

this and straight V like angles directly fro the response or response step

A more angular shape with lost of rimweight.

I AGREE with teh previous response