Question - horizontal yoyo

Question: What makes a good horizontal yoyo?

if a yoyo is shaped like a V or H or has a wide gap.
that means the strings wont touch the yoyo walls as much, thus making it spin longer.

low walls which means there isn’t that much space between the response and the taper. I think low walls are good for horizontal I am just starting horizontal alot easier on my gnarhwhal or asteroid than my high walled rollmodel. But you can do it on almost any 1a yoyo.

1.Low Walls
2.V or H shaped
3.On the wider side 43mm+

Also something thats not to heavy would help to because you want to be a tad faster when doing horizontal but its not a big deal how much it weighs.

Yoyos that dont fit this criteria will stick work good just it will be easier with something like I listed.

Heres some examples of yoyos that excel in horizontal.

Learn on a yoyo with high walls, that will smooth it out then look at how smooth you are on a low walled yoyo thats how I learned. Best yoyo for horizontal look superstar 2013 is a good contender.

Apparently the g funk is really good for horizontal but i can’t do any horizontal anyways.

No,no,no…you’re all doing it wrong! Do it on a Canvas like Jensen.