Help me do Horizontal better :)

Ok I just started doing it and my prob is no matter how I throw it its never fully horizontal always at a slight tilt, here is what I mean

Just can not either throw it fully sideways or I level it out without trying too during a trick

try making your finger point up, and speeding up the trick. different yoyo may help also I cant do horizontal with my avant garde but myy irony jp can do it wonderfully

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What yoyo are you using? You probably want to use something with a low wall.

  1. Low walls more or less a good v shape for horizontal I like using my Di Base for this but that’s just me but a low wall helps you land the string and they keep staying horizontal longer.

  2. Keep the Yoyo at eye level it helps a lot

  3. Throw it like a frisbee kind of do not tilt your hand or else the Yoyo will tilt in that direction

  4. Speeding it up helps but not a lot speeding it up just helps a little to keep it from tilting

I was using a CODE 2