How do you keep horizontal throws, horizontal?

Hey Everyone!

I’m trying to teach myself horizontals but I’ve noticed that as I am doing my horizontal combo, my yoyo will start to shift axis and go back to being upright rather than staying off axis. By the end of my combo I can bind normally and its as if I just threw a normal breakaway. So how do I keep the yoyo horizontal and from changing its axis?

One, practice.
Two, don’t try to go completely horizontal until you have gotten everything down first. I can’t even do it and I have been doing horizontal for over a year.
Three, keep your fingers pointed on the same angle as the yoyo. Don’t point your fingers straight out or the yoyo will tilt.
Four, practice.
Five, make sure you have all the tricks down before trying horizontal.
Six, go as fast as you can.
Seven, just do basic tricks. Don’t trick tech
Eight, practice
Nine, if you haven’t yet, learn Banana Turnover.
Ten, practice
Eleven, good luck.

Well, I think it depends on the yoyo, like my Orbis seems to stay horizontal better then like, a one drop benchmark. And my horizon is about the same. But it all comes from the string pushing on the yoyo i believe. So if you throw it higher, so that your hands are on the same plain as the yoyo it seems to stick where it needs to. At least from my exp. You could do the whole, lean back thing as well, so instead of changing the way you throw your just positioning your hands to be on the same plain as the yoyo.


one trick to help keep the yoyo balanced in that angle is to make sure to keep a good tension on the string and the yoyo… you will have to find the right balance but when you do it will help keep the yoyo aligned correctly.

Another factor that can help is to find a v shaped yoyo with alot of rim weight… i personally recommend the the yoyoempire+kingyostar rainfly… very stable quick and is very forgiving on horizontal unless you hit yourself with it.

Also i find that watching people do horizontal and trying to find little things they do to get it right also helps.

Also practice lots of practice… without practice horizontal will be impossible feeling.

Horizontal is one of the most rewarding things you can do in 1A other then landing your first trapeze.

list of tricks that work with horizontal:
double or nothing
trapeze and his brother (brother mount)
Buddhas revenge mount
and anything that you can do easily that are based of those tricks.

The only thing that matters is what the string is doing. Think about it this way. If a yoyo could levitate horizontally without a string while still spinning, what would happen? So, as has been mentioned before, going faster will keep the yoyo up, thereby decreasing string contact. You can go slowly and still keep it horizontal, but you just have to make sure the yoyo is continuously, but slowly, moving. It is also best to keep the angle of the yoyo as the same angle that you’re looking at the yoyo. So if you’re looking straight out, the yoyo should be completely horizontal and in your sight.

I managed to learn decent horizontal in a few days by practicing banana turnover and skin the gerbil with out the extra loops

make sure your moves are translating into horizontal. Lets say you’re doing skin the gerbil; you just threw a horizontal throw, and are now getting into a trapeze. You can take two routes (one wrong, one right), you can do the trick barely tilted, going back to a normal throw, or you can translate your actual moves, not the throw, into horizontal. I focused on horizontal for 6 months before I was able to land the trapeze consistently, and it was my achilles heal for a while. All I was told was to throw a good, tilted throw, never being told to actually tilt my moves to correspond with the yoyo’s tilt.

In short, it’s not all about the throw, it’s about being able to translate your moves into horizontal, which takes experience and practice.

I was messing with Horizontal myself, but really worked better being at a 45 degree angle. I was basically just trying to keep it simple by doing modified Gerbil-type moves. My Shutter and Horizon are definitely troopers for this, and I imagine any low walled yoyo that is V-shaped or has a wide catch zone will work well.

Fingers should be parallel to each other and on the same plane at least.
If not, Tilt City.

Practice with like a 45 degree throw and the same combo getting more horizontal each time. The more horizontal the yoyo is, the faster you should be so the string doesn’t start rejecting out of the gap of the yoyo since that would kill pretty much all the momentum and everything.

Some people learn way faster than others. Don’t demotivate yourself.
Some may take a year or so to get completely horizontal in both normal and frontstyle.
I took about way less than half a year in both since I just learn things faster I guess.

Don’t be afraid but don’t be stupid either. Treat it like a normal combo. Don’t go too far along the string to start a trapeze or anything else since the yoyo will be heading towards a path directly towards your face or somewhere along your upper chest area. Please try to dodge. Yoyos to your eyes aren’t fun.

Behind the Back is another story altogether which I can do horizontally but is pretty much the same process in a way. practice your combo normally until you have it down. Now do it from a normal throw behind your back . Rinse and Repeat. Then you can either start throwing it behind your back at a 20 to 30 degree angle behind your back or front like Paul Kerbel and Luis Enrique… I recommend the front first since thats what I did but different people learn differently. Remember speed is key.
Too slow means strings start rejecting out of the gap and the yoyo will tilt too much. Too fast and you have no control unless you normally play really fast. managing tilt is harder so don’t be surprised if your combo is getting more horizontal after like 2 seconds. You might start out at a 60-70 degree angle and end up completely horizontal.

Good luck. :smiley: