horizontal tricks question

hey, I’m trying to learn some horizontal yoyo tricks and I was wondering if the yoyo is supposed to be strait up 100% horizontal, or is the yoyo just on an angle? cause whenever i throw a strait up sideways horizontal trick, and i try to bind, either gravity pwns me or i get a crazy knot in the string cause it tangles up when it returns sideways. Thanks

100% horizontal looks cooler and will probably get you more points in a contest. But just throwing at an angle works too. I’d say keep practicing and start throwing at a more drastic angle until you’re able to get the yoyo completely horizontal.

Master you standered bind and parctice doing it fast. Do it side ways very fast(yet controlled). Pull the string with your string hand back once the yoyo starts binding and hopefully it lands in your hand.

Try to get the yoyo as horizontal as possible.

Happy throwing.

Practice makes perfect, for horizontal, get tricks that require alot of turning. Such as skin the gerbil and brain twister.

I was going to ask a similar questions about Horizontal Tricks. I have found that Suicide Binds work really well when throwing horizontally, but i have trouble locking it in.

UPDATE: i tried learning the horizontal trick banana turnover. I thought i had landed it but that crazy knot thing happened so when i threw the yoyo horizontally again, the yoyo snaged and snapped back at me and smacked me right in the face. I have a nice swollen spot on my cheek. i am a true yoer now:)

Ouch, are you okay? :c…
Injuries/Accidents happen every now and then. Even I hit my face when doing horizontal sometimes :B

you can start out with and angle and practice till you can make it 100 percent horizontal. also i would start out with a yoy like the phenomizm, sfx, or protostar :slight_smile:
hopes that helps

haha im okay but i have a black-ish eye.

I ordered a phenomizm so maybe I can get better at horizontal with that. Right now i can land a horizontal trapeze and everything but I’m still having trouble with binds

try going into it with a gyro
phenomizm defenitely helps but still hurts ;D

buy a sleipnir. That should help.

how do you do a suicide bind?

there it is… Kyle is da man!