Banana Turnover tutorial

Well, since the only tutorial available for this trick (that I know of) was taken down… cough cough… I decided to take my own crack at it.  It’s also an introduction to horizontal play in general.

Also… shout out to all those who’ve submitted tutorials for the Rethinkyoyo Tutorial Contest, you guys are great.  I’m already truly excited about the tutorials people have sent me, and there’s still a little less than a month left for the contest.  I’m really anxious to see what the rest of June and July have in store.  If you’re going to submit a tutorial, deadline is July 22nd, don’t forget!


THANK YOU! no one ever said to keep the trick high, as i always do it like i do basic tricks, low. now, lets try it xD

it still tilts back for me, and im going at mickey speed like everyone says… what should i do?

gravity is stupid lol

whenever i try to bind i have problems cause gravity sinks the yoyo shen i let the string go into the gap and i get a weird knot. but this is a really cool trick

If you’re cough coughing about Jensen’s funny tutorial, someone re-uploaded it. I hadn’t even heard of banana turnover before this video.

good one on the “banana turnover”

cool vid

Thank you guys :slight_smile:

I actually addressed that exact issue on the post about Banana Turnover on the Rethinkyoyo website.

Contrary to popular belief, maintaining the angle of your yoyo is NOT about speed. It’s about forceful, accurate, purposeful movements. Make a conscious effort to swinging the yoyo in the same plane it’s spinning. It also helps to use a yoyo with a large gap and huge open catch area, just so any sloppiness you have in the process of learning doesn’t hinder you as much.

The key is making a conscious effort to direct the yoyo to swing the same plane it’s spinning.

You need to practice binding smoothly, meaning you make absolutely no pauses when binding. I’m not too comfortable with doing smooth binds when it comes to just a normal everyday basic backspin bind, which is why I like to use the Suicide Bind when I do horizontal stuff.

Oh that’s cool, man. I didn’t even know someone re-uploaded it. That’s where I heard of the move as well, and I found it incredibly useful, which is another reason I thought it’d be a good idea to make a tutorial for it myself. Thanks for letting me know about that.

Thanks man, appreciate it.

whenever i throw the yoyo 100% horizontal i end up in a ufo… any tips?

keep the momentum going… and that is what horizontal is. ufo.

thank you for making that video! I was never sure how everybody binded so smoothly with off axis tricks.

Ufo is when the string is rapidly spinning around the yoyo and changing the string tension while the yoyo is horizontal.

Horizontal is horizontal.

(UFO is horizontal, horizontal is not necissarily(yes I spelled that wrong) UFO. :wink: )

To the OP, that tutorial is the best horizontal tutorial I have ever seen. Thanks for making it. :slight_smile:

Hallelu-yo, you need to keep the yoyo, your hands, and the string all in the same plane while also making sure to keep the yoyo moving. Swinging, popping, sliding across the string, something. You need to keep it moving so that, as CarlG sort of said, it keeps its momentum and doesn’t have the tendency to tilt or spin out in a whacky UFO.

No problem, Shmoe93, glad you found it helpful! By the way, not everyone binds that way while doing horizontal style tricks. In fact… I really don’t know of anyone who does except for myself. lol That bind just seems like it works really well to me, so I use it.

Thank you very much for the compliment, Newbies United. Really appreciate it! :slight_smile:

im still stuck on how to throw it mickey style >:(

hold it. turn it sideways. throw kinda like a frisbee