Any tips on keeping the yoyo horizontal during a trick?


Hey guys!

I recently started landing horizontal Banana Turnovers, but when I try to do more than just bind after I land it, the yoyo tends to start tilting back to a verticle position. I was wondering if anyone had a tips on keeping the yoyo horizontal for more than just the Banana Turnover.

Also, are there any horizontal tricks that you recommend I learn?



Lay on the floor. Just practice first, you could easily break a nose.


For trick, red halo is good to learn. You could also just turn skin the gerbil sideways. Texas cowboy is a fun one, but beware of smashing your yoyo on the ground. Those are the only three that I know. To keep the yoyo facing the right way, I just keep my fingers pointing up.


Start at an angle then try to go up till full horizontal


I just want to do a banana turnover to bind. :wink: I lose it right after bouncing off the horizontal trapeze.