Horizontal Yoyoing

I can do a banana turnover and some pretty basic tricks but whenever i start to go fast, the yoyo just tilts back to normal. Any tips to prevent this?

please help

Keep the Yoyo at eye level.

And tilt the finger at the angle you want it to…

Translate some regular tricks, such as skin the gerbil, for horizontal. When you start trying to translate, don’t play at fully horizontal. Start at an angle and work up to fully horizontal.

Try throwing it harder that helps for me

What yoyo are you using? Usually a V-shaped or H-Shaped yoyo will be best for horizontal. For example, my Victory, MVP, and Wet Whistle are much better for horizontal than my Drop Bear or Y-Factor.

I ranted, here you go.  Lol.  The basics with some visuals.  And damaged furniture.  Why must there always be damage furniture?