I've started learning horizontal, any tips? (Video inside)

So a couple days ago I decided to start to learn horizontal, and I have a couple of questions:

  1. At what angle is it considered horizontal?  I can do the banana turnover at pretty much horizontal, but when having a go at getting into other mounts, I usually have to throw it a little be below horizontal. (See video)
  2. I assume that to keep the yoyo spinning horizontally without tilting, I have to move my hands less and yet the yoyo do the work, and make sure my fingers are pointing at the angle I want the yoyo to stay at, right?

Anyways, here’s what it looks like after a couple days of random practice between stretches of latenight homework

Tips?  I feel like I’m moving my hands too much and not keeping the string(s) on the same plane, which is making the string hit the catch zone, making the yoyo lose some of its horizontal-ness by the end.

Don’t just start completely horizontal. Start at an angle and work up from there. When you feel ready, take a trick(skin the gerbil for example) and translate it to horizontal.

When starting it is easier to keep the yoyo on one string. To explain something like rewind is difficult with all the string changing, but skin the gerbil is easier due to it staying over your nonthrowhand most of the time. Hope that makes sense

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Usually try to keep it at your chest or up or it will want to tilt back to normal

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