Hey guys,

Could you give me any tips on getting started with horizontal play? I really don’t know how to start. When I throw it horizontal, the string gets too loose and my yoyo is in danger of falling off. Any tips would be helpful.


It’s because the string tension is to loose and when you lose control of the yoyo, it loosens to the point where it literally falls off the string.

Do a trick you can do consistently just horizontal. That’s how I learned. And also try doing it with a more angular or h-shaped yoyo. Then practice over and over.

Don’t start completely horizontal. Learn a trick normal. Then angle it a little bit. Then a little more. Once you master it at one angle, angle it even more until eventually you’ll be able to do it completely sideways.

yep that’s how I got better too.

Well, I’ll give you a few tips.

Use a yo-yo with a low wall. It helps reduce the drag when performing horizontal tricks.

Keep the yo-yo swinging in a continuous motion. You don’t want it to stop that often.

Practice throwing at an angle first. Then go horizontal when you’re ready.

Did you learn the Banana Turnover yet? It’s an important fundamental for horizontal tricks. You can find it on YouTube, rethinkyoyo, and other places that I might not know of.

^This. Learn banana turnover as well. I found skin the gerbil easiest to learn 1st then do whatever :slight_smile:

these two vids taught me how to yoyo sideways. It’s SUPER fun, and you get a HUGE sense of accomplishment when you finally are good at it.

To get the throw Horizontal
Try holding the yoyo with your thumb in the gap and pointer across the width of the yoyo.
And hold your right hand slightly higher, it helps keep the yoyo horizontal!

My opinion, is go to rethinkyoyo.com, aand do “Banana Turnover” he teaches it great!