Any tips for horizontal play?

I’m really interested in learning it, right now im using a protostar to try to learn it. anything i can maybe practice that would make me better at it, or any tips for it?

Try skin the gerbil but sideways, also learn banana peel over

i mean i cant do anything sideways. like i cant even do a sideways trapeze.

Try shorter than average strings, I do think it’s pretty easier with a short string

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That’s probably my number one tip. As well as: knowing what you want to do, knowing what your yoyo is capable of, and trying not to get ahead of yourself.

Work on horizontal tricks at a 45 degree angle first, then go full horizontal. It will give you the feel for how tricks work without losing control. and with 45 degrees or whatever you go at, you wont need to be super speedy.

The banana turnover is your first step, no matter what. It makes doing a trapeze or anything much easier.

Also know that its not about speed but keeping that constant motion to prevent the yoyo from turning.