Any tips on lateral play?


I try to do it and it doesn’t work. Do you have to go really fast? Do you have to move the yoyo up and down to keep it sideways? Any kind of tips will help me out thanx!


Never heard horizontal being called lateral before. haha.

It just takes a lot of practice and speed shouldn’t really be a factor.


I would say practice something easy (like skin the gerbil) in horizontal before moving on to harder tricks.

Another tip would be to use a yoyo with low walls


I cant do skin the gerbil horizontallt but i can do spirit bomb horizontally. Weird


speed is not really necessary in horizontal play. the main key is to keep the yoyo balance on the string while it is horizontal. speed only makes horizontal tricks cooler ;D

(Kyle V.) #5

Try this, maybe it’ll help…

Banana Turnover is sort of the “gateway” to Horizontal/Excalibur/Vertax play.  Not only does it help tremendously in landing into an initial mount after throwing for all level of players, but, for a beginner in the style, it’s a quick in-and-out trick that you can land just to practice your horizontal throwing.

When first learning horizontal moves, you may find it helpful to lean back a bit and throw kinda more upward than you think you need to.  I mean, it’s all a matter of practice to throw at the proper angle and maintain that angle, but those two things did help me when learning.  However, you might want to assume a more normal posture (stop leaning back) once you get more comfortable with the style, because it does look a little silly to spectators.

Contrary to popular belief, maintaining the angle of your yoyo is NOT about speed.  It’s about forceful, accurate, purposeful movements.  Make a conscious effort to swinging the yoyo in the same plane it’s spinning.  It also helps to use a yoyo with a large gap and huge open catch area, just so any sloppiness you have in the process of learning doesn’t hinder you as much.


Skin the gerbil is so awkward in horizontal.

My tips would be: don’t start of completely horizontal; work your way up, use a low wall v-shape yoyo (full-sized helps and stability help too), move the yoyo a lot; don’t keep sitting there on the string doing nothing.


Wait, Carl, you can do SPIRIT BOMB horizontal?! How does that even work?!
I don’t do vertax yet, because A. It doesn’t interest me as of yet and B. It looks really difficult.
But how can you pop the yoyo in spirit bomb going sideways? That seems impossible. Video please?

Sorry if I sound noobish through this post, but that really caught my eye.
Plus I am still a bit of a noob. :wink:

BTW nice to see you Kyle hope you had a merry Christmas! I’m a fan of your website and tutorials.


im a begginner at horizotal all i can tell you start with a begginner throw like the duncan dragonfly


I can do horizontal and I had to teach myself becase I did not have good internet at the time to watch video tutorials and I found that this actually works well. Here is what I did, threw slightly crooked, very slightly, and then did a simple skin the gerbil combo…then after I was completly comfortable with that I started to throw even more tilted and do the same combo and experiment with other combos. Also I sometimes started out in a regular trapeze and then tilted the yoyo towards the horizontal plane when I could not get the throw just right. So bit by bit I worked my way up to horizontal, it is like most things, you can’t just throw horizontal all of a sudden and do a trapeze or bananna turnover or skin the gerbil. You slowly work your way toworads the horizontal plane of yoyoing. You just can’t throw horizontal (without breaking something, hehe) and try and land a trapeze, that just doesn’t work or at the very very least it is unimaginably frustrating.

Hope that this helps.


this is how i lerned it