Horizontal Play!

Ive been playing a lot lately and was thinking about trying to do some horizontal stuff… Any tips or tricks when starting, what to learn. What style throws work best how to build on what you learn? Everythings appreciated, thanks guys.

Banana turnover and bind

Pick a straightforward sidestyle trick that you can do consistently at a decent speed and use that as your starting point. Don’t go straight into full on horizontal. Start by working on the trick at about a 45 degree angle and when you’re comfortable there, make it steeper until you get to the full horizontal.

Other tip: go fast. Horizontal play is all about momentum and playing without fear. The more worried you are about stuffing up, the more likely you are to stuff up.


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So many threads like this. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, somebody post that Jensen Kimmitt thing. :smiley:

But, seriously, learn Banana Turnover, Trapeze, and Bind. The most effective bind seems to be a Suicide Bind. Good luck.

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Also remember you’re now yoyoing in a different plane now, so you have to make the yoyo move horizontally instead of vertically.

Im not much of a horizontal player, but some advice I received at worlds some years ago, was to learn Skin The Gerbil on the horizontal plane as it is a trick that allows a quick relatively constant motion that doesn’t have much issue for error.
Also, the sort of moves with Gerbil are the base for many other horizontal type tricks, so it seems to truly be the best to learn first.
Worth trying out!

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Practice all your tricks vertical first.

Maybe he did already and he ready for horizontal play


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Then there’s nothing to do but banana split and do the trick.

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