Horizontal YoYoing

Hi I have been trying to learn horizontal yoyoing for the past couple of months. I’ve watched a bunch of videos put my progress has been little to nothing. If you guys have any tips and tricks for me please tell me


My first real horizontal trick was The Matrix, learn all that you need for it such as Double or Nothing first.

EDIT: Also I forgot to add. Don’t just watch one video tutorial of a specific trick you are trying to learn. Watch multiple. I watch the tutorial on this website and I also go on Youtube to watch others, that maximizes my learning capability.

The problem is when I throw the yoyo it just tilts to the side

Not 100% sure which type of horizontal you mean, but I’m going to assume that you’re talking about the horizontal where you start with breakaway. If it starts tilting to the side, then you should adjust your wrist and arm and how you hold the yo-yo and see what improves and what gets worse. There’s lots of ways to improve your breakaway. You can practice in front of a mirror to see exactly how you’re throwing it, you can stare at your wrist while you throw the yo-yo to make sure it’s completely straight, you can even practice right in front of a wall so that you’re forced to throw the yo-yo straight to the side. Just practice, practice, practice and eventually you’ll start to improve. :slight_smile: Good luck!

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Remember to throw the Kinda like a frisbee when you throw the Yoyo that way it will help the Yoyo keep it on the horizontal plane. Also banana turnover right after the horizontal breakaway help as well.

What’s a banana turn over?

Just google “yoyo banana turnover” and it should pop up. Basically, it’s just a trick to get into a trapeze in a controlled way when you’re doing horizontal play

Banana turnover to skin the gerbil variation is great. You can also do double or nothing figure 8 variations. (get into the double or nothing by swinging the trapeze over your throw hand index.)