Horizantal 1a HELP!!!!!


When I try to throw the yoyo to the side and do the banana turn over thing I can’t get it to even hit the string. If you know of any tutorials on how to throw it, send it to me. Ill try to put a vid up of me trying it.
Thanks Alot! :smiley:


horizontal is one of those big milestone tricks that there isnt too much prior to it to prepare you…

ya know the whole frog in the boiling pot thing? well thats how to practice it… start vertical, then gradually move to increasing degrees of diagonals, then after a while youll be throwing horizontal tricks like an old pro…

hopes this helps… unfortunatly you gotta put your hours in before you can do it, there is no way to learn it over night…


Smooth your throw with something responsive. Just practice turnovers a lot. You will get it. And its very satisfying.


I will send you a tutorial that helped me alooooot ;D