how to do horozontal throw


can some one explain how to do the horozontal throw to get into horozontal tricks


Wrong section dude


didnt know how to delete so i asked a question i was about to ask


This should help:

(SR) #5


I watched this a lot and he just does it sooo smoothly.

And that banana turnover ROCKS.


i need help with throw none of the tuts go into specifics all i need is how to throw


i’ve been trying Banana turn over , so far is been going great but the real problems is the binding , i can’t make it bind when doing it horizontal


Don’t worry about banana turnovers. Your best bet is to just trow a few degrees different from your normal break away (not necessarily horizontal) and do all of your normal tricks that you have mastered best with the exception of whips triangles and slacks. Keep throwing more and more horizontal and over time it will become second nature!

Hope I helped!