Horizontal, help.

I am trying to learn horizontal and it is very difficult. I have already learned how to do a banana turn over and a bind with an unresponsive yo-yo. The trick I am starting with is skin the gerbil. I picked this truck because it is smooth and consecutive and therefore easy to do as a horizontal. After trying it a couple times, I find that it doesn’t work because I am able to finish the trick but it finishes in a breakaway not a horizontal throw. So i try throwing harder with the same result. I think that this happens because the string is hitting the side of the yo-yo too much and therefore tilts it into a breakaway again. Is this something that I need to practice and it will get better or is there something I am doing wrong.
Thank you.

search horizantal help in the search bar, there have been a lot of threads like this. You’re bound to find something.

I put “horizontal” into the search bar and my post above is the only thing that came up.

First, a really stable yoyo will help you. With stable yoyo even if u hit the sides it will still stay horizontal for quite a while. It wont tilt as much. Second (kinda hard to explain but) you have to form you hands so the when you do the trick the string will be centered. This will avoid the tilting of the yoyo. Finally just practice. Btw here’s a video for you

Wow, Kingdom, your video really helped!

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