What Makes A Good Horizontal Yo-Yo?

I was wondering this because it says that Yeah3 is exceptional at horizontal play, so does that mean I can not do the same tricks with say a Protostar or a Chief? I know it has something to do with the shape of the yoyo (double V shape), but I do not know why. Can someone explain this to me?

low walls,unresponsive,v or h shape,rim weight

The person throwing it…

The person throwing it…

And low walls and rim weight. Shape doesnt really matter.

Low walls are probably the most important aspect of the yoyo design as far as horizontal play goes.


Yeah. While V shapes and rim weight help, you won’t get much horizontal done on a high walled throw.

Another unmentioned aspect is a degree of speed, because you don’t want to stop mid horizontal. You also want a throw that can start moving quickly with little hand movement in case the yoyo stops moving.

A yoyo that can keeps its axis well is great too if you have trouble keeping the yoyo from going upright.

The thrower is still the key, though. I saw a video where Jensen busted out some mean horizontal on a Canvas. If you want a new yoyo for a new yoyo, get it, if you want it for horizontal, pass. The Code 2 is fine for horizontal.