Yet, another Horizontal play problem.


Hi guys,

I have another horizontal play issue that I don’t think has been addressed yet.

After throwing the yo-yo and hitting the string, my yo-yo seems to suddenly tilt back on axis. I have the string right but if I try swinging it into mounts then the yo-yo somehow turns back on axis in the air.




Do this on the strings… always.


to fix that problem u need to have a yoyo that is not highwalled it helps more at least it does for me


h shape and low walled yoyos really help in horizontal play


its like, as soon as you mount move on to the next mount, if you take any time, you’re gone.
when you throw horizontal, the yoyo is fighting against gravity, so you have to be fast.


thanks, this really helped me to.

(JosephP) #7

Your not being straight if the yoyo is tilting back on axis.

(Ariq) #8

It is not about speed but more on timing.


V and H shaped yos are more suitable for horizontal that like 888 or so
What yoyo r u usin?


You just have to be quicker with your motions to keep it off-vertical.


888 is bullet shaped…


Legacy, or the PGM.


i meant than 888 not that 888 sorry my bad LOL