horizontal throwing problem alert

when i throw it than hit a horizontal trapeze and swing it more around my finger the yoyo rights it self all help i amazingly helpful

2 things gennerally cause the yoyo to right it self.
1.The string is not level and pushes the yoyo up to vertical posistion.
2. The yoyo itself is not level and slowly rights itself.
If you have the string and yoyo signifigantly level, this will not happen, just keep working on it. It will come with practice.

I’ve also found that some shapes just don’t work well with horizontal play. 888s and other smoothly curved shapes come immediately to mind and tend to right themselves just the way you described. But if you’re using a Rockstar and Northstar like your favorite yo-yos in your profile, then just take M^2’s advice. Also, try and keep your movements quick and smoothly flowing.

thanks so much for the help u guys