Hoizontal help!

Hey everyone, I’ve been trying out horizontal tricks lately and I’ve come across a problem. Every time I try to bind, the yoyo turns to a vertical position. I can land it on the trapeze just fine, but the yoyo either turns to vertical, or spins out. Any solutions?

What yo-yo are you using?

When doing horizontal play, you have to keep moving the yo-yo in a continuous motion with as little pauses as possible so it doesn’t end up vertical. Make sure you are moving it around horizontally though.

I’ll keep that in mind. I’m using a YYF Supernova.

Also try holding your throw hand a little higher up and you nonthow hand a little lower
It helps keep it horizontal.
And make sure your throw is completely horizontal.

Try holding the yoyo with your thumb in the gap, and pointer across the width of the yoyo.