So...what makes a yoyo good for horizontals?

What makes a yoyo good for horizontal play? All I can think of is rim weight. Are there any other factors?

Rim weight and stability

I have also found weight can help

You don’t necessarily want too much rim weight for horizontal play. Too much rim weight can make it harder to control the tilt of the yo-yo, which is definitely necessary. And you don’t want too little rim weight, so that the yo-yo will stay horizontal when you do want it to. Low walls near the bearing are definitely preferred, because there is less resistance when you try to tilt the yoyo manually. Large bearings are also ideal, because large bearing yoyos tend to have lower walls and bigger gaps. Both of those make a yoyo overall less stable, so even if the yoyo does have a lot of rim weight, it can still be manipulated without much effort.

Does that make sense?

somewhat… :stuck_out_tongue:

Why are you so into this? If you want a good horizontal play yoyo, get a Genesis.

thats my problem, like you are to yyf, I am to onedrop…

I think Ill use the 54 for horizontals when It comes out