How do you define a stable yoyo?

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What’s your definition of yoyo stability? What do you mean when you say a particular yoyo is stable or has high stability? How does the stability of a yoyo affects it’s suitability for horizontal tricks? And example/s of yoyo that fit your definition of a stable yoyo?
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A yoyo is stable when it has a large amount of its weight distributed along the rims of the yoyo.

IMO rim weighted yoyos are better for horizontal because they are less likely to tilt out of its axis

The more it resists tilts makes it more stable. If it tilts easily its not very stable.

Rim weighted are more stable as noted because of physics lol

More stable is most likely better for horizontal but typically the more stable the less speed.

A stable yoyo is one that doesn’t veer off of the position it was thrown in (i.e. doesn’t tip or begin to wobble). The original hitman is a good example of this to me. On the other hand, I would call the X-con a bit unstable. A slightly off throw results in a noticeable wobble.

Note that a stable yoyo will probably not correct itself from a bad throw however. If it’s thrown tilted, it will stay tilted. In other words, it stays where it was thrown to begin with.

I have no experience with horizontal play.

I define stability in two ways:

  1. The ability to resist tilt
  2. Resist to precession.

Gsquaredyoyos. That is all.

Think YYF genesis.

If it doesn’t tilt, stable. Also, if you flick it and it also doesn’t really go off course, stable.

One with a good paying job with benefits. Can’t get more stable than that.

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Many thanks for all the opinions.

Based on the given opinions, I sum up this topic as followed:
A stable yoyo is a yoyo that is able to resist tilt and it shouldn’t wobble upon throwing. Rim weighted is one of the reasons for this ability. And rim weighted yoyos are good for horizontal tricks (but I can’t conclude that a stable yoyo is good for horizontal tricks). Examples of stable yoyo are the original Hitman (one of my favorites), Gsquaredyoyos and YYF Genesis.

Thanks again for the inputs.

You’ll know one when you play one

If you have every played with one of those toy gyroscopes you can buy in toy stores, you’ll know what a really stable YoYo feels like. Once the gyro is at speed, it’s almost impossible to tilt, rotate or move it at all on any axis. It resists any change in state.

That’s not really a desirable property for a YoYo in many cases. You want some stability, but not to the point where you are unable to input any correction.

As has already been stated, rim weighting is largely responsible for providing large amounts of stability. The trick is to find a YoYo that is designed with the amount of stability that suits you style of play. That’s the fun part.