horizontal yoyos


i want to know what yoyos are amazing for horizontal styles please list them DOWN THERE


really wideeee yoyos


v shaped yoyos. (Irony, mvp, phenom, phenomizm, etc.)
organic shaped yoyos don’t tend to be that good for it, and neither to undersized.

Also, really really wide yoyos tend to be good. my monster and my superwide were some of the best yoyos I’ve had for horizontal play.


ilyy trvth


I say an angular yoyo with super low wall.

Genesis and MVP are awesome for horizontal.
another would be phenom and sleipnir.


Really, you can horizontal with any yoyo. I see my friend horizontal with his campfire all the time.

but if you want really good horizontals…

YYR overdrive
TP Leviathan 2
SPYY Solaris
YYJK Double JK

(laxdude99) #7

My favorites are protostar, northstar, and rockstar 2012


What’s the easiest horizontal trick. i wanna learn. somebody post a video or something please?


here you go ;D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EJPlcuq10kY


The bigger and lighter the yoyo, the easier it would be to horizontal, I would think.

Werrd Irony
YYR Overdrive




My protostar was nice to learn on. Though I only know the basics of horizontal. The Dietz is the best undersized yoyo I’ve ever tried horizontal on and one of the “best” undersized 1a throws as well.


OneDrop Code1

(themikedurdak) #14

2)YYF North/Protostar
3) Onedrop Code 1
4)YYF Monster
5)YYF/Aoda Superwide/Monster/Miracle
5)YYJ Dark Magic
6)YYF Genesis
(The list is in no particular order ;))


any yoyo, depending on your throw. Although, some are better than others


Code 1


can dv888 do horizontals?



The bigger questions is:
CAN YOU do horizontal.

Can I? No, sadly, I cannot. Yet. Maybe never. But who knows. I try!


You"ll get it down too!


we have faith in you!

btw my super wide is just about the only yoyo i can do horizontal on. I’ve tried my genesis and g5, but it fails. you generally want a stable yoyo so that it stays horizontal and dosent spin out and go straight. if that made any sense…