Horizontal Play

I am starting to like Horizontal play. Sure it is hard but it is fun to do. I usually use my Shutter for Horizontal and I can do a Banana Turnover, Horizontal Matrix, and Horizontal Skin the Gerbil (this one is my favorite).

I would like to get a yoyo for under $100 that is great for both 1A and Horizontal. What would you recommend. Also, I would like it to be at about 56mm in diameter and around the weight of 66-68grams. What do you recommend?

Another thing, I would like some tutorials of good tricks for Horizontal. What are some good tricks that are similar to the ones I can do? I am currently working on Red Halo. I can do that trick 1A style just not Horizontally yet. So, shoot me a video so I can learn something. If you have no video, just give me some ideas.

I am only on my 5th month of yoyoing and Horizontal may be a little to advanced but I find it very fun to do. I hope you all can help.

I’d maybe try the supernova. Or the Super G. Those are really good for horizontal.

I don’t really know of any good horizontal tricks. I just make my own tricks up.

Good luck!

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Thanks. I was thinking about a SuperNova while I was writing the original post. I will certainly get one sometime.

Well the Shutter seems to handle horizontal well based on my mediocre horizontal combos. Just practice with it for now.

So, you’re looking to get into Horizontal.

So, you’re looking for a good yoyo for 1A and horizontal for under $100.

You have a Shutter you say?

Dude, you’re done. You nailed it the first time: Shutter. Heck, Gentry Stein just won National with this $45 metal yoyo. But on a serious note, it’s got the right kind of shape, and it has a cup for the finger spin grinds, which unlike most other yoyos, there’s nowhere for the yoyo to slip away because of that cupped area. In general, it’s not a great grinder, but it’s better than many YYF’s when it comes to grinds.

But, another choice would be YYF’s 2013 Superstar in my opinion because it’s designed with horizontal play in mind. It’s a little bit wide compared to it’s diameter, but that’s to help with horizontal play and to provide a larger catch zone. So, that’s $80+ shipping or so around stores.

Or use the Shutter and maybe if you want, get a different bearing in there.

fools gold glacier express

Okay, so I know how good the Shutter is. It is great.

But, when I get a new throw. I want one that is good for 1A and Horizontal. I have a Genesis too and I am thinking about a SuperNova. What else is good other than those three?

Also, I need some tricks.

Dark Sonic is pretty boss. C3 takes the cake horizontal imo

2013 Superstar. The BEST horizontal yoyo I’ve ever thrown.

Wait Zorro- You’ve only been yoyoing for 2 months and you can do horizontal skin the gerbil? You wizard… I can’t even horrizontal trapeze and bind (on my shutter).

As studio said, you’re set… You have a Shutter, which should be crazy good for horizontal. Just look at all dat horizontal Gentry did at nationals, THAT HE USED TO WIN!

You may be thinking “He’s Gentry, he can do anything.” although that may be true… :smiley: the Shutter should be really good at horizontal… It’s got a great shape for horizontal and it’s got a super-low wall which is awesome for horizontal. You’re set…

He’s been yoyoing for 5-6 months… Still impressive though, but I’ve been seeing a lot of fast learners lately… I could do a horizontal skin the gerbil around that point, but it wasn’t consistent or smooth, but I could do it xD

Zorro made me want to learn more hoizontal so i set out and now I can do double trapeze to dismount t bind.

Thanks. The Shutter is a great help.


I find this hard to do. Try going to something like a Double or Nothing. I learned the Horizontal Matrix first. Can you do a Banana Turnover?

Horizontal 1.5 and horizontal DoN are really awkward to get into

I don’t know what that is yet. Ill look up a tut at some point.

You haven’t learned horizontal, unless you learn it from Jensen

When I tried this there was a knot in the yoyo and it came back and smashed my thumb. I can’t feel it anymore… Is that bad??? Oh god…

I can’t believe he throw that Banana Turnover ( :D). It looked pretty good.

I agree with leftylink, I find doing double or nothing and 1.5 or reallyanything withmore than 1 level or string awkward to do in horizontal. I find stuff like lindy loops, skin the gerbil, etc. Much Easier.