best yoyos for horizontal style?

what is it or them!? ;D :wink:

I love doing horizontal tricks and I like the yoyos that I own to be able to handle them well.
In my experience, the top 3 I have played are the YYJ Meteor, YYR Sleipnir, and the CLYW Basselope.
At least as of now.
All 3 of them seem to be able to handle the horizontal play quite easily.
Pretty much any 1A yoyo can do a bit of horizontal play, but those 3 that I have played seem to work the best for me.


just pick up your favorite 1a yoyo and throw it horizontally and see how it works. if you don’t like it, try your next favorite. what some people like may not be what you like.

The one you practice the most with.

thanks to all of u guys but the point is i see that the rounded shaped yoyos seems more hard to do with than cut shaped yoyos :wink: ;D

thank you!

The best I have played up to now is definatly the Sleipnir by YYR, but almost every angular shape is good.

Hate to jack the thread, but can people name some specific tricks for this style? I’d like to try it out? Also, is this more for resposive yoyos, like UFO, or is there some kind of horizontal bind?


It’s just called horizontal/off-axis play. There is a bind, it just takes a little practice.

And for the best yo-yo? As Ben said, the one you practice the most with. Anything will work! A less forgiving yo-yo will make you smoother and force you to be more accurate and exact, while a yo-yo that lends itself well may start to be a crutch. It’s best to just practice the style with anything, so that you can do this style with any yo-yo (and playing this way with a nicer on e makes it easy)! :slight_smile:

Now on to the best yo-yo I’ve used for this style? V1 Stargazer. Other than that, my 09 888 feels great too! It’s not as stable, but it does have that feel that makes you want to play horizontal style with it. :smiley:

The Genesis is great too. It is amazingly stable.

I’ve noticed that a yo-yo with a really tight response system is good for horiz style because one of the hardest things to me is binding side-ways. So, choose a yo-yo with really tight binds. I use my Legacy and it’s ok but I 'm still practicing. Someone should make side-ways style tutorials.

FHZ works surprisingly good

Just for your information, the style is called Excalibur which was originally the name for the style of play in Diabolos but then progressed into yoyos.

If I remember correctly, some people state that the ideal yoyo are the ones that have an angular shape or any yoyo with little sides touching the string when horizontal. (Thus the angular shape idea)

i barely know that.
i just called it sideways, or horizontal style.

the genesis work well for me.
and yes, i also find that rounded shape yoyo is sometimes harder to execute horizontal style trick.

yyf frantic is just a WOW to horizontal