horizontal tricks

hello people, so i have been workin on horizontal yoyo tricks and i was wonderin what shape is best? Kind of like a flared, rounded butterfly for example MoMentuM, eight8eight,hatrick.Or a wing shaped sharp edged butterfly? THANKS. p.s. sorry 4 bein gone sooooooo long i had a LOT of school to do >:(


I’m not quite sure what you’re trying to say, but I’ll take a shot. Are you saying that you’ve been throwing sidestyle (across your body) tricks and are wondering what shape of yo-yo is the best for that type of throwing?

If that’s your question, I’d say that any shape is best. It’s all a matter of preference. Personally, I prefer yo-yos that are rounded bell shapes (like the Momentum, Mayhem, Hatrick, etc.) just because they’re more comfortable for me to hold. I have friends who really like H-shaped yo-yos and friends that like very angular yo-yos (which I don’t like because they’re usually uncomfortable in my hands). It’s all a matter of what you like!

I hope this answers your question.

i think he means like having the yoyo on its side like to do a UFO. if thats the case its more of keeping your yoyo straight and alined with the string, theres no best shape but id say go with a rounded shape so that way if the string hits the sides it dosnt flop so easily.

Any shape would be good.
But i think, angular with low response wall and large catch zone will help you a lot of doing horizontal trick. Angular shape will maximize catch zone.

Just try lo line up the string with the yoyo axis.

yea i do mean sideways like a UFO. thanks guys.p.s. now all i need is some tutorials lol jesse can’t find horizontal tutorials anywhere >:( but anyways thx

you mean off-axis or 45degree play, they are good with yoyo that have good weight distribution. Also those plays dont have tut. because it is easy to learn by yourself

I tried some off-axis play tonight with my G5, The yoyo ended up flying at my face and when I ducked the string got caught on my shoulder and the G5 landed on the back of my neck still spinning on its Z-stacks… Needless to say I wish I had it on video ;D


i hit my forhead numerous time.
wonder why i didn’t stop this sport.

and i don’t there is a tut.
i never even find one up until now.

the best way to learn it is throw the yoyo off axis, point your pointer finger up to try to catch a trapeze.

There is slow mo on the off axis play from gyroscope flop but I cant find it.
Try to throw yoyo horizontally and keep the strings away for yoyo’s body and just try skin the gerbil

the STRANGE shape. Like MVP or NVx ; - P

Not really, anything with good rim weight and stability is good. Those hourglass and H-shapes are good because it have good rim weight

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