side ways yoyoing(Mickey style)

I was wondering if the wooly marmot could yoyo sideways as extreme as mickey.


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Its the yoyo, Not the player.

But honestly, No.
The shape isn’t that awesome for hori, You need something more H-Profileish

Anything below 54mm in diameter is utterly terrible for horizontals.

so do you recommend any from clyw and if not then what yoyo? (metal if possible)

I like my Northstar.


this video here says otherwise

and if you are unfamiliar with how to do horizontal style yoyoing this video may help

its beter for it than a starlite i have one and if you start by practicing with something a bit more stable and then swich you more used to it and its easier

strongly recommended H-shape yoyo. i think MVP would be the best choice

I currently have a phenomizm so should i learn on that then could i do it on a wooly marmot?

Dude yes, why didn’t you tell us you had a phenomizm lol

ok thanks

Ha, yah, don’t worry, Phenomizm’s one of the best yoyo’s out there made for horizontal fast play.

a Super G is also a great option. it’s smooth and it has very extreme rim weight, which helps the yoyo stay horizontal :slight_smile:

Sorry to change the yoyo but how about the campfire? Wooly marmot was out of my budget but the campfire is and looks pretty good for horizontal play… What do you think? ???

I don’t think so. it’s tiny.

In a way though the shape is knida like the phenomizm shape…


In a way I think it’ll work too right? :wink: Btw do you know what that indentation is for??